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I'm Marion.  An early 30-something wife and mom of twins.  We also have two dogs, two cats, and three full time jobs between us.  Life is very full.  Sometimes too full!  I love cooking, reading, scrapbooking, crappy reality TV, and I love the occasional good cold beer.

Having a blast in Jamaica...blissfully unaware of the fact I was almost 4 weeks pregnant.  Ooops!

Here's Kev.  My knight in shining armour. We actually we met at work about ten years ago, and it's been pretty awesome ever since.  Yeah, we have our ups and downs (more ups, thankfully!), but we definitely know how to work together and even manage to have fun! He's a sales guy by day, and an entertaining daddy by night!  He loves cold beer, cigars, playing his guitar and keyboard, and most of all - Walt Disney World!

Our Wedding Day - 2005
Yeah, we had a guy with a red and black mohawk in our wedding.  It was klassy, and awesome!

Here I was...5 years later...
5 weeks pregnant - still rocking my Jamaica tan!

36 weeks pregnant.  Look at those poor innocent kids...they have no idea what they're in for!
Here are the little ladies.  Kylie (left) is our velcro baby.  She LOVES to be held, is extremely leery in new situations, and tests our patience (but is extremely lovable!). Kendall (right) is our mostly laid back easy-going baby who loves to read, play, and seeks to amaze us on a daily basis with her "smarts".  They couldn't be more opposite, but we love em!

All of us (cute, eh?)

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