Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Valley Girl in Training

Here's Kendall saying "Byeeeee!" and bonus of Kylie munching on some goldfish. Enjoy!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bargain Shopping...

My girls were peanuts when they were born (at their one week appointment they were in the 1st percentile and 3rd percentile).  Since then, they have been in the 90's in both height and weight.  Lately, all their 12-18 month tops are too short on them (they're perpetually rocking the hoochie belly-shirt look!).  I pulled a bunch of 18-24 month tops out of the bins in the basement that friends have been generous enough to give us.  I hope to salvage some 18 month clothing that we haven't even taken the tags off of for fall, but I am doubting any of that is going to fit.  Looks like I'll be fall/winter shopping for a whole new wardrobe for the girls.

We were at Old Navy this weekend shopping for a gift for an upcoming birthday party, and I walked past a display of bootcut jeans on clearance for $7.99.  I also had a 25% off coupon.  SCORE!  I even managed to capture the girls rocking their new jeans (and I can't believe 18-24 month jeans fit my 15 month olds!)

It's fun to play with remotes in the kitchen!

Playing with tupperware in our new jeans!

What's up?

Yeah, keeping our tags on, that's how we roll...

Cute twin booty shot!

On Sunday I took some of their clothes over to a local consignment shop and picked up two pairs of jeans and two tops for $14.  I LOVE stylish brand name clothes, but finding it at a great price is even better.  Having twins has definitely made me  more of a bargain queen...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Feeble attempt...

So, we are making our first plane trip with the girls soon. (Going to WDW with the grandparents!). I am already nervous about the plane flight with two 16 month olds. We are doing the lap thing since they are under 2 and we don't have to pay for them yet. I am already regretting not buying them seats, especially for my wiggle worm, Kendall.

I know this is a new blog, and therefore probably has little to no readership, but if you have any suggestions on how to keep a lap baby happy on a plane, please let me know. I'll owe you a cookie ;)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Hand, Foot, and Mouth. Bite me!

They should really rename the acronym for HFM to WTF.  Seriously, this has been the illness that just keeps giving.  On one hand, the girls are feeling the other hand, my hands look like this:
You wanna shake hands?!?  No???  C'mon.  Live a little :)
Yeah.  Kevin and I got HFM.  In SUCKS.  Kev doesn't have the "leper" rash, but has the uber-fun ulcers in his throat.  Awesome.  For the super clean, over-sanitizing, germaphobe in me, this has been the worst.  From everything I have read, adults get this pretty rarely, so yeah, our immune systems must totally rock!

Hopefully, we are all on our way to feeling better and gettin back to normal.  2+ weeks of this, and I am spent.

But they're still cute, so there is always a bright side!

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Here has been our life the past week:

Kendall - diarrhea started a week ago
Kylie - diarrhea started 5 days ago
Kendall - vomited Friday morning (fine after)
Kendall - Fever Saturday morning - ear infection
Kylie - started running a low-grade fever tonight (Sunday)

Are you freaking kidding me??  I cannot handle vomit, but more than that I can't handle two 14 month olds thst have been sick for over a week.  Ugh. This motherhood stuff is hard sometimes....

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I put my children in things...

Twins in a basket...

and one year later....twins in a box....

What will I do next?!?