Thursday, June 27, 2013


We went to the zoo this past Saturday morning.  The girls love it there.  We are trying to go fairly often since we have a membership.  It's nice to be able to go for just a few hours here and there, rather then trying to cram a whole day in.  (Which wouldn't work with two year olds anyway.)

We were talking it up on Friday night and told them we were going.  They were all excited about going on the boat ride and on the carousel.  When we got up Saturday morning they were talking about the zoo first thing.  So we got ready, had a quick breakfast, and got out the door!

After seeing the flamingos, we went over to the aquarium and the manatee exhibit.  They love the aquarium.  Every fish is "Nemo".  I die.

After that we went over to see the penguins.  While there, I got this gem of a shot.  Seriously, I don't think it gets much cuter!

After this, we went past the carousel.  Kevin decided to buy tickets since the line wasn't too long.  Once he got them, Kendall wanted to go on.  Kylie refused.  I let Kevin take Kendall while I sat with Kylie.  Kylie just cried the whole time.  "No Kendall!  No carousel!  Kendall, get off!"  She was so upset.  Meanwhile, Kendall loved every second.  Kevin said she was saying "Weee!  I love the carousel!  Fun!"  LOL.  Two completely different people.  For the few days following this, Kylie was telling everyone "Kendall went on the carousel.  Kylie sad at the carousel."  She says she's going to go on it the next time, but we'll wait and see...

After the carousel, we walked in and out of different exhibits.  Around 11:30 or so, I noticed Kylie seemed a bit "glazed" over.  I couldn't get her to drink much water, and it was getting hot.  We decided to take off and grab lunch on our way home.  A quick stop at B-Dubs on the way home, and we were all refreshed!  Such a fun morning!

Sunday, June 23, 2013


The girls wanted to sing their ABCs on the way home from the grocery store today.  As you can see, Kylie always has to have the last word.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Two Years + One Month

I guess I'm going to stop calculating the girls' birthday in "months".  I think it sounds funny when people say their kid is 28 months old or 34 months old.  They're two.  I'm fine with the 1/2 year addition at this age, but the monthly age calculation should stop at 2 (in my humble opinion)!

Anyway, the little ladies have been busy busy lately.  Lots of parties to attend, so little time. :)  Actually, they've been a lot of fun lately.  The stuff that comes out of their mouths is so funny sometimes.  The other day Kendall said to Kevin "I want to go to Disney World.  Mickey comes to see me at Breakfast".  WHAAA?  Do they remember our trip, or is she just remembering from the pictures we've shown them?   The funniest thing happened a few weeks ago at the grocery store.  Kevin picked up a package of Oreos and Kendall said "Nice!  Cookie Monster would love those!"  LOL forever.  Where do they get this stuff??

Kendall wants nothing to do with her tricycle all of a sudden.  I don't know if it's riding the bike that scares her, or wearing the helmet, but she refuses to get on it.  I was trying to coax her into it the other day and she started crying.  I have no idea what the deal with that is, but hopefully she gets over that soon!  Kylie is doing great and can actually pedal pretty well on her own.  She is in a very "I do it MYSELF" phase right now.  (UGH.  Don't get me started!)

Kylie has been Kylie lately.  She cracks us up all the time. She can say her full name if you ask her.  It's beyond cute. She loves the song "Catch My Breath" by Kelly Clarkson and will sing it almost word for word.  I tried to get it on video this weekend, but she got shy as soon as the camera was out.  If I get it, I will make sure to post.  It is so cute.  Both girls actually know all the words to "Beautiful Day" by U2 and several other songs.  They love their music (they get that from their Daddy!)

We pulled out the girls' baby pool earlier this week.  I was worried they were going to hate it (they weren't huge fans last year).  I was totally wrong.  They LOVED it.  The water was definitely chilly, and we had to practically pry blue lipped, shivering Kendall out of the pool to warm up.  She was even getting on her belly and gliding.  I think we may have a few little fish on our hands!

Monthly Picture.  Isn't it great how they smile for me???? 

The Evolution of a hug...

Kylie toss!
Kendall toss!
Kendall Anna

Kylie Ella

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

We had a great (but chill) Father's Day.  We had been planning on going to the zoo, but the weather just wasn't cooperating today.  Instead, we went to breakfast at Bob Evans (which the girls LOVED), grocery shopping, then just chilled and played at home.  The afternoon ended up being great.  Sunny and warm with a nice breeze.  The girls just enjoyed flying kites and playing with each other.  Can't ask for much more than that!

Pretty girl with a big boo-boo

Enthused ;)

And now the boo-boo is gone!

Sisters <3

Having fun!
We love you Kevin (Daddy!)  Happy Father's Day!



Saturday, June 15, 2013

Three in a Row

We had another birthday party today for one of my college friends' daughter.  It was from 1-3, so needless to say, naps were not on the agenda.  When we were headed out to get in the car, Kylie took off running, and took a tumble on the driveway.  Unfortunately, her forehead took the brunt of the fall.

Ugh.  I didn't witness it, but Kevin said it was a bad fall. She took it like a champ.  Me being paranoid Polly called the pediatrician's on-call just to make sure we shouldn't get her checked out.  He said she was fine.  Any major issues (ie: concussion) would be obvious immediately.

When we got there, the girls had a blast. We put them in their swimsuits and they played in the sprinklers and baby pool.

After we left, it was only moments before this happened:

The rest of the day was chill, but they really surprise me how well they do with little to no nap.  We did have our "sensitive" moments, but nothing too crazy.  Hopefully the girls won't be crushed that we don't have another birthday party next weekend (and that there is no cake!) Today was just another reminder of how lucky and blessed we are...