Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was cancelled.  Well, not really, but because of the cruddy weather here tonight, trick-or-treat was moved to Saturday night.  

They have pretty much been celebrating since last weekend though, so we'll just look at this as an extended Halloween!

The Kroger up the street from us had trick-or-treat last Saturday so we went to that.  The girls are well known (and well-loved) there, so we thought that we would show off their costumes:

At the cookie decorating station

Picking out every packet of Peanut M&M's in the store!

Someone just told Kevin there was beer samples ;)

Spiderman and Ladybug high-fives

Later that day Grandma and Grandpa came down for a visit.  We were planning on going to Boo at the Zoo, but it was very cold and windy.  We decided just to go out to dinner instead.

Grandpa and the ladies playing with the iPad
Last night we carved pumpkins.  Since Kevin's batteries for his power tools are both dead, we had to do simple pumpkins this year.  No biggie to these two!  They loved their Jack-O'-Lanterns.

Pumpkin guts!

Kylie looking like she's going to give the pumpkin a smooch!
And tonight...we dressed in costume just for the heck of it.  Oh well, we'll get one more wear out of these costumes!

Hope you all had a great Halloween!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all

Today, we took the girls to Ohio Wesleyan University to take some pictures of them before the leaves all fall.  I've been trying to learn a little more about my camera and the various settings, what they do, etc, etc, etc.  I still have a LOT to learn.

Most of all FOCUS.  Ugh.  I realized I had accidentally set my lens to Manual, but wasn't focusing it.  Duh me.  Some of these pics would have turned out so much better.  Oh well.  They had fun, and that's all that matters. :)

When we pulled into the garage after our photo session Kylie started crying and said she wanted to go back to College.  Sigh, it starts at 2.5, I guess?!? ;)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Myrtle Beach Continued...

I know it's been a few weeks since I wrote about our Myrtle Beach trip, but I really wanted to get back to it since we were able to do a few more things that were really fun (for kids and adults).  Sorry for the delay, it's been a little crazy around here lately.

When we woke up Wednesday morning and it was cold.  Not just cool, cold.  I want to say it was below 60 degrees.  We decided to scrap going to the beach that morning, and decided to take the girls to the Ripley's Aquarium instead.  Kendall still seemed out of sorts.  She was eating ok, but she was just fussy. Every little thing seemed to set her off.  We hoped going to the Aquarium would be a nice change of pace for her.

The Aquarium was very nice, but $$$.  I think it was almost $70 for the four of us, and we were probably there for about an hour.  Maybe a little longer.

After the Aquarium we went to a play area at Broadway at the Beach so the girls could run around and play for a little while.  They had fun, but I could tell Kendall was still a little "off".

Kendall on the suspension bridge

Kylie behind Kendall on the suspension bridge

Uh oh, she caught up!

After the playground we went back to the house for lunch and a nap for the girls.  Kendall again started crying as I laid her down and said, "My ear hurts!  Kiss it!"  I rubbed her head and told her to try and get some sleep.  Kevin and I had lunch on the back deck, and decided to play cards while the girls napped.  About an hour and twenty minutes after we put them down, Kendall woke up crying...which is really unusual.  She almost always wakes up happy (when she wakes on her own).  We brought them out to the back deck and I could tell something wasn't quite right.  I took her temp and she had a fever of about 99.3.  Not high, but considering she usually runs about 97.5, I knew I had to get her checked out.

Much to Kylie's dismay, Kendall and I headed off to find an Urgent Care.  Kylie was so upset we left, that she wailed for about 30 minutes.  Kevin ended up taking her out on the beach and bribed her with M&Ms.  After that she perked up quickly.

Anyway, Kendall and I found an Urgent Care, got out of the car, and walked up to the door.  I looked at the office hours.  They closed at 3:30.  It was 3:45.   Luckily, we ended up finding a CVS with a Minute Clinic a few miles up the street.  Sure enough, she had a double ear infection.  Sigh.  

After getting some medicine and a few coloring books, we headed back to the house.  We were still planning on meeting Kevin's parents at a restaurant called the Sea Captain's House in Myrtle Beach for dinner.  We changed clothes, gave Kendall some ibuprofen, and headed out.

Out back at the Sea Captain's House.  The girls found a new little boyfriend!
We actually had a nice dinner and got back to get the girls to sleep.  Kevin and I even had a chance to sneak out and play one round of miniature golf.  Which is an absolute "must do" for us...

The next day it was still a little cool in the morning, so we decided to take the girls to Barefoot Landing (another outdoor shopping / entertainment area).  We had a good time, especially since Kendall was finally feeling better.

Big girls in little strollers

Kendall could not wait to go on the Carousel

Kylie passed.

Then regretted passing

Tear :(

Kendall waiting to go back on the Carousel

Supervising to make sure Daddy IS buying tickets

I got a TICKET!

Picking out our horses

After riding the Carousel, we walked around for a bit.  We found this store called "Just Horsin' Around" and had to go in.  The girls are obsessed with horses.  We ended up buying two small stuffed horses, and they have become one of their absolute favorite stuffed animals.  It's actually really cute.

We returned to the house to get the girls lunch and a nap.  Once they were down we were able to enjoy our last lunch on the back deck.  We also hung out at the pool, but it was a bit too cold to actually swim in, so Kevin and I just dipped our feet in and enjoyed the sun and conversation.

Once the girls were up, we went out to the beach one last time.  

Kevin: "Did you like the beach, Kylie?"  Kylie: "I wanna live at the beach".  Me too Ky, me too...

After some beach time, we went out to dinner at this little fish restaurant right up the street from the beach house.  What a find.  It was probably the best meal we had the entire trip. Kevin had the Shrimp and Grits and claims it was one of the top 10 things he has ever eaten.  I had the crab cake sliders, and they were probably among the best crab cakes I have ever had.  And I lived in Maryland for a year!  The girls also thoroughly enjoyed their chicken and sweet potato fries.  Although, I don't know that we would stay in Cherry Grove Beach again, we would for sure drive up to go to Flounder's Fish House.

The horsies got to join us for dinner

After dinner we got packed up and ready to head home (I'll do one more post about travelling with toddlers, and what worked well for us).

I was lucky enough to get some moonlit beach pics before we left.

...till next time...