Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 2 - The Magic Kingdom and Epcot

Despite the fact that my parents were out late partying (aka - hanging with  Mickey) we got up early. The girls did their part to make sure no one could possibly sleep in!  We decided to head back out to the Magic Kingdom to do some more things that we didn't get the chance to do the day before. 

Let me talk about Disney transportation for a minute.  We travelled by bus EVERYWHERE on Disney property.  It was great and it wasn't.  There were times where we got where we were going quickly, and there were times when it took for-flipping-EVER.

Kylie at the bus stop

Kendall at the bus stop
The biggest drawback to where we were staying was that the Animal Kingdom Lodge is located furthest from the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  We would typically plan on having at least an hour of wait/travel time from the resort to the park and vice-versa (which with 16 month olds can be ‘tricky’). 

We arrived at the Magic Kingdom and walked around for a bit.  My parents had gotten to ride several rides the night before, so they told us to go on Space Mountain (a Kev and I MUST DO ride) and they would push the girls around.  When we came out, we found them like this:

We had to have a little fun :)
We had a great day there.  Kevin and I went on the Haunted Mansion, and then took the girls so my parents could see the Hall of Presidents.  When they had come out, Kendall woke up and was incredibly entertained by the band in Frontierland.  She even scored a flag out of the deal!

Grandma and Kendall

The Band!

Look at my flag!
After Kylie woke, we went to lunch and then headed over to Fantasyland.  They are doing construction on the new Fantasyland expansion, so there were less attractions than normal, but we did get the chance to check out the new Dumbo ride.  They have TWO rides now (makes the line go much faster), and an interactive queue which the girls loved!

She loved this little platform

Taking over!

We all rode Dumbo.  Kylie loved it from afar, but wasn’t too big of a fan once we got going.  Next time, I bet they are going to be begging us to go on it again and again!

You can see me in the back negotiating with Kylie :)
We caught the train back to the front of the park and hopped on the monorail to finish out our day at Epcot.


We took turns riding Spaceship Earth (we weren't going to risk that one with the girls) while the girls ran around the waiting area.  They loved getting out of the stroller and having the chance to stretch their legs!

After that we went on the Seas with Nemo and Friends.  The girls loved that ride except when we got stopped right by the angry scary fish with the teeth.  Kendall was less than amused.  After riding The Land boat ride we headed back to the resort.

Kev and I took the girls to the quick service at the resort to get dinner while Grandma and Grandpa went back to the room to get ready.  We came back and got the girls bathed and ready for bed all while getting ready for dinner ourselves.

Ready for Bed!
We had reservations that evening at Narcoossee’s at the Grand Floridian to celebrate my parents 35th wedding anniversary and Kevin and my 7th.  We called a babysitting service called ‘Kids Night Out’ in Orlando to watch the girls.  They were in bed by the time Evelyn arrived, but she was great.  I would definitely recommend them (don’t forget, this is your vacation too!). 

We made our way over to Narcoossee’s where we shared a great bottle of wine and a terrific meal.  This is the second time we have been there, and we would all definitely go back.  It was a wonderful way to end a great day.

Lobby of the Grand Floridian

…to be continued…

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