Thursday, October 18, 2012

Walt Disney World with Twin Toddlers - Day 1

We recently got back from a trip to Walt Disney World.  I was understandably nervous about taking our twin 16 month olds on a couple flights, staying in a hotel, and being away from home for a week when they had never been outside of the state of Ohio.

The flights down to Orlando went really well.  Much better than I expected, to be honest.  On the first flight Kylie got a little fussy for about 2 minutes on descent, but that was it.  When we took off from Baltimore, both girls fell asleep within minutes, and woke up JUST in time for our beers to arrive.  Sigh...

When we landed, we stayed at the Hyatt inside the Orlando airport.  It was perfect to be able to just walk off the plane and go immediately to our hotel.  I was a little nervous about how well the girls would sleep in a hotel, but they did great.  We woke up ready to tackle our first day at Walt Disney World the next day!

We met my parents at the Magical Express Bus Stop and all boarded the bus together and headed to the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  It was a really neat place.  The girls LOVED seeing the animals in the Savanna, and were always running to the windows to look out at them.

Giraffe in the Savanna

The general chaos of trying to get into the room

Kendall happy to be in the room

Kylie checking out the chair on the porch
 After the girls took a nap, we headed out to the Magic Kingdom.  Unfortunately, by the time we got out of the hotel and over to the park it was 3PM and we only had about two hours before we would have to leave for our dinner reservation back at the AKL.

We did manage to get a few things in during those two hours:

The Entrance!


Photo Ops!

Pirates of the Caribbean!  (Love the guy photo bombing on the right!)


It's a Small World!

We barely managed to get back to the hotel in time for our dinner reservation at 6:15.  We had a great dinner, and headed back to the room.  My parents decided to go enjoy Extra Magic Hours that night at the Magic Kingdom while we stayed back with the girls.  (We were exhausted!)

These ladies are ready for bed! be continued...

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