Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I have learned from having twins...

Wow.  I cannot believe K & K are a year old.  Where has this year gone?  It has been the longest yet quickest year of my life.  I decided I would start out with some things I have learned from my girls this year.  (They are good little teachers!)

You WILL listen to us.  We are too damn cute to ignore!

Number One - No two babies are alike
When we found out I was pregnant with twins, it was clear that they were in two separate sacs. 

Oh hey!  Guess there's TWO babies.
When we found out they were both girls we knew there was approximately a 10% chance they were identical.  I was pretty sure they weren’t though.  When they arrived, it was clear as day they were fraternal. 

When they were newborns (0-3 months or so) Kylie was my FUSSY baby.  She required the most coddling and calming. She wasn’t colicky, but pretty darn close. Kendall would have her fussy moments, but mostly took a backseat to the screams from Kylie. 

Can you guess who's screaming here?  Even Kendall is giving her the side-eye.

Kendall decided to make good on that though.  Kylie calmed down significantly at about 11 weeks, and Kendall started ramping up the fuss factor at about 12 weeks.  This has pretty much been the case for the entire first year.  One is always more of a challenge, and the other is as easygoing as they come.   Hey, it’s better than if they were both super fussy, right?

Kylie is definitely the bully of the two.  She wants whatever toy Kendall has, and has no problems swiping it right out of her hands (cue crying Kendall).  Other than the bullying Kendall factor, Ky is definitely the easier baby (at the moment!)  Kendall can go from fine to ‘FREAK OUT’ in 2.2 seconds, but it takes much MUCH longer than 2.2 seconds to get her calm again.  Kylie is pretty easy to distract back to calm.  I’m sure that will change again tomorrow!

At a year old, I would say that Kendall is ahead of Kylie in verbal communication.  She can say “bye-bye” (ba-ba) and wave, “hi” (ha) and wave, and “UH ohhhh”.  Kylie says “mama ”and “da”, but at this point, I am not sure if she is directing that at us, or just saying words.  Kylie likes to point at everything and says “azoo” when looking at pictures of her and Kendall, but we aren’t sure what that means…yet!

Kylie is THISCLOSE to walking.  I truly believe she has a confidence issue with knowing she can stand on her own and walk.  She'll take steps, but then realizes it's easier (and quicker) to get from A to B by crawling. Kendall is a tad further behind, but she’ll catch up soon enough!

Having twins can be difficult because you constantly want to compare the two, but you can’t.  They are two different people with two personalities, abilities, and moods.  It’s what makes life fun...(and interesting...and insane...and...)

Try to keep up with us...I dare ya!

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