Thursday, September 6, 2012

15 month well baby

The appointment was actually last week, but we have been so busy.  The girls are developing wonderfully.  They are at or above where they should be at 15 months.  Kendall is definitely going to be our precocious one.  She amazes us every day with her new words and abilities.  We have this puzzle where you put the mama and baby animal in a barn.  If you give her one of them, she can pick out the match almost every time.  At 15 months!  My little smarty-pants :)

Yay for being smart!  Oh yeah, I should probably take this tag off...

Kylie is still our loud and attention-getting baby.  Today I got the report that she was beating up on Kendall.  She's nice to everyone else, but feels the need to beat up on her sissy.  What the heck, Ky?

Me?  Look at my just screams innocent!
As if you couldn't tell from their pictures, my girls are HUGE!  Here are their 15 month stats:

Kendall (Baby A)
26lbs 7oz (90th percentile)
34 inches long (100+ percentile) ... yeah OFF the charts! (volleyball scholarship, volleyball scholarship...)

Kylie (Baby B)
26lbs 8oz (90th percentile)
31.5 inches long (80th percentile)

Here are some pictures of the girls from this weekend.  We took them out to dinner last Friday (which they LOVE).  They are really good, except for wanting our food more than theirs.  All of our dishes ended up under the table because they were grabbing for EVERYTHING.  Silly girls!

Yes, I will hypnotize you with my blue eyes...

So serious...

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