Monday, August 20, 2012

Hand, Foot, and Mouth. Bite me!

They should really rename the acronym for HFM to WTF.  Seriously, this has been the illness that just keeps giving.  On one hand, the girls are feeling the other hand, my hands look like this:
You wanna shake hands?!?  No???  C'mon.  Live a little :)
Yeah.  Kevin and I got HFM.  In SUCKS.  Kev doesn't have the "leper" rash, but has the uber-fun ulcers in his throat.  Awesome.  For the super clean, over-sanitizing, germaphobe in me, this has been the worst.  From everything I have read, adults get this pretty rarely, so yeah, our immune systems must totally rock!

Hopefully, we are all on our way to feeling better and gettin back to normal.  2+ weeks of this, and I am spent.

But they're still cute, so there is always a bright side!

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