Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Breaking the Bottle

When we went to the girls 15 month well check, the doc asked us if we were on sippies. I kind of turned my head and said no. The girls have been taking sippies for water since before they were a year old, but Kylie has refused to take milk from a sippy. Kendall takes her afternoon milk from a sippy, but still got a morning and bedtime bottle.

He looked at me and said "Now is the time. They need to get off the bottle". I set a goal of October 1st to transition them completely. I wanted to get through vacation first. We actually started on September 29th. Kendall has done fantastic with the transition. She may not drink as much milk, but she still takes between 15 - 18 oz a day. Today is October 9th. Kylie has not taken an ounce since the bottle went away.

It stinks. I know she wants it, but she sees her sippy, and either pushes it away or throws it (with terrific force I might add.) I've tried every type of sippy, a straw sippy, a cup without a top, a cup with a straw; she rejects it all. I pulled a sippy out of our old rejected sippy stash last night, and she was actually contemplating it this morning. Crossing fingers she may break soon.

Does anyone have a similar experience with a success story? I would love to hear it! This is beyond frustrating!

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