Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 3 – Animal Kingdom, A BIG Storm, and a Luau

So we set off to the Animal Kingdom in the morning on Day 3.  When we got there, it was a gorgeous day.  HOT, but beautiful.  My mom was especially excited to see this park because they had never been there before.

Expedition Everest


My Dad, Kevin, and I grabbed fastpasses for Expedition Everest. My mom was fine staying with the girls while we all rode it. In the meantime we went and checked out the ‘Flight of Wonder’ bird show. Kylie was in an especially great (ha!) mood that day, and unfortunately we had to leave halfway through the show. We got the girls some Goldfish and put them back in their stroller. Not too long after that, they fell asleep (I hoped they stayed asleep for a while…no such luck)
While the girls were asleep, we went on Expedition Everest. We could see the clouds starting to roll in, but we went about our business and hoped that it would pass quickly.
This has to be one of my favorite pictures from the trip
When we got off the ride, we grabbed Fastpasses for the Kilimanjaro Safari and went on a walking tour. It was really nice. We got to see some really cool animals, and the girls napped soundly in the stroller.

We came out of the tour and it was almost time for our Fastpasses for the Safari.  It looked like it was going to start raining (and soon!) so we told my parents to go ahead.  Right then, the girls woke up and the sky opened up!  It was one of the hardest, longest rains I had ever seen.  We were able to duck into a nearby gift shop (along with everyone else) and stayed dry.  But then it kept raining, and raining, and raining (did I mention it kept raining???)  We looked at the radar on Kevin’s phone and it didn’t look like it was going to stop anytime soon.  We bit the bullet and dropped $45 on ponchos and went out to brave the elements.

We all put ponchos on and put one over the stroller to keep the girls dry.  Kylie was NOT a fan of this and started FLIPPING out.  I had never seen her that upset before.  I think the poncho scared her.  Luckily, the rain finally slowed, and we managed to get some lunch at Pizzafari.  It was surprisingly good.  I was especially a fan of the sangria Kevin got me because I was so stressed from Kylie’s freak out.

After lunch Kevin and I decided to take the girls back to the room for a nap (ha!  not so much), while my parents stayed at the Animal Kingdom.  It rained off and on for the rest of the day and we were thinking that the Luau we had scheduled that evening at the Polynesian was going to be cancelled.

After calling 5 times to make sure it wasn’t, we headed over to the Poly.  It was actually a great time!  The girls loved the food and loved the show.  I was really doubtful how the evening was going to go based on how dicey the day had been, but they did great.  They barely fussed, and were both thoroughly entertained for the whole 2+ hours we were there.

This video is so adorable.  Kylie does a little hawaiian hula near the end!

After the show was over, we headed back to the resort (via monorail/bus).  The girls got a bath, and went down without a problem, and we all pretty much collapsed in exhaustion! 

…to be continued… 


  1. Just found your blog!! Your little ones are so sweet =) Can't wait to read more!