Thursday, December 13, 2012

New things

I am amazed by how quickly the girls learn new things constantly. Some of my new favorites:

Kendall loves saying Ky Ky. In the morning it's "Hi KyKy!" "KyKy mulk".

Kylie is always saying sissy. Anytime I give her anything (an animal cracker, water cup, etc) she waits and keeps saying "sissy!" until I give her something for Kendall too. Most of the time, she taste tests the cracker or whatever I gave her to give Kendall (which is hilarious in itself).

On the way home from daycare they like to point out every truck and all the Christmas lights. "Hi Guck!" "Oooh. Bb whites" (which means Oooh! Pretty lights!")

The funniest thing is they are starting to grasp the whole potty thing. Sometimes I'll be changing a poopy diaper and throw it in the diaper genie, then one of them will yell "Bye poop!" I die every time. Kylie will also pound on the toilet lid and yell "Poop! Poop!" Seriously, this child kills me. Hilarious.

Never a dull moment.

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