Monday, July 15, 2013

Birthdays and More Birthdays!

The weekend after the fourth of July, my parents came down to Columbus so we could all go out and celebrate my Mom's birthday.  We got a babysitter for the ladies, and went to this little wine bar called the Wine Bistro.They have an enormous selection of wine (by the glass and bottle).  Kevin and I often grab a glass of wine there before going out on a date night, and have been dying to take my wine connoisseur parents there.  We all enjoyed a glass of wine before heading out to a Spanish restaurant in the German Village in Columbus called Barcelona.  They have paella and other amazing Spanish entrees.  We always have a great meal there.

Although we all love hanging out with the girls, it's nice to go out as just adults every now and then!

Then, this past weekend we went up to my parents house to celebrate my Dad's 60th Birthday.  60?!?  It's crazy how time flies.  Anyway, we got up to my parents house mid afternoon on Saturday (they live about 120 miles north of us).  Before we arrived, my parents set out a pool and water table for the girls.  As soon as we got there and they spotted them, they immediately wanted to change into their swimsuits and go play!

You can obviously tell who our swimmer is going to be

This just makes me laugh!  Kendall was coming down the slide.

I see you!

I just got my new 50mm f/1.8 lens last week, so I had to test it out.  So far I really like it!  It definitely has a narrow frame, but I love the sharpness this lens captures!  Of course, these are the only pictures I took while we were there, but we had a great time.  The girls were so good.  They played well, were very well behaved, got to stay up a little later than normal, and even got to split a piece of cake with mommy!  We had so much leftover food that we got to take some cake and "cookie cake" home with us (among other, more nutritional items!).   Kendall was asking for some cookie and cake for breakfast this morning (silly girl!)

We've had an extremely busy July so far, and I don't see it letting up anytime soon.  Gotta love summer!

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