Saturday, June 15, 2013

Three in a Row

We had another birthday party today for one of my college friends' daughter.  It was from 1-3, so needless to say, naps were not on the agenda.  When we were headed out to get in the car, Kylie took off running, and took a tumble on the driveway.  Unfortunately, her forehead took the brunt of the fall.

Ugh.  I didn't witness it, but Kevin said it was a bad fall. She took it like a champ.  Me being paranoid Polly called the pediatrician's on-call just to make sure we shouldn't get her checked out.  He said she was fine.  Any major issues (ie: concussion) would be obvious immediately.

When we got there, the girls had a blast. We put them in their swimsuits and they played in the sprinklers and baby pool.

After we left, it was only moments before this happened:

The rest of the day was chill, but they really surprise me how well they do with little to no nap.  We did have our "sensitive" moments, but nothing too crazy.  Hopefully the girls won't be crushed that we don't have another birthday party next weekend (and that there is no cake!) Today was just another reminder of how lucky and blessed we are...

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