Sunday, June 9, 2013

Birthday Party

We had the girls' birthday party yesterday afternoon.  Luckily, it was a gorgeous day.  It was about 80 and sunny at 4PM.  We could not ask for better!

Anyway, although it was a small party, the girls had a blast and loved everyone coming to see them.  With a birthday party last weekend, and one next weekend, I'm beginning to think that they believe cake has become a staple in their diet. ;) (at least that's what they're hoping!)

We just had a little cookout, and a bounce house (that our wonderful neighbors GAVE us), and just hung out and enjoyed the summer weather.  The girls were especially excited because they got to stay up WAAAY past their normal bedtime.  Lucky for us, that meant they went down for a nap without issue today.  Definite win-win!

Hard to see due to the glare, but it says "Happy Birthday Kendall & Kylie"

Adorable cake!

Someone is ready for cake!

She also quickly took ownership of the "cake topper"


I tried my hand at Royal Icing.  I could definitely use a little practice!

Opening Grammy and Grandpa's presents this morning!

Mr Potatohead!

Mrs Potatohead!

No more pictures, mama!

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