Monday, September 9, 2013

Haircuts...take 2!

After seeing how well Kylie did and how much better a little trim made her hair look, we decided that Kendall should get a haircut too.  She has much more wave to her hair than Kylie (and its a lot shorter), but she was starting to rock a bit of a tail in the back.  

We did what we did with Kylie and talked it up.  She was very insistent that she sit on the red dog before we even got there.    When her name got called, the lady asked her if she wanted to sit on the fire truck or airplane. She just stared at the dog.  I asked if she could sit on the dog, and she agreed.

She put on Super Why! for Kendall and asked what I wanted done with her hair.  Considering she still has very short hair (and a crazy cowlick), I let her know that I just wanted the back evened out.  No bangs, nothing crazy.

Kendall followed direction well, and overall did great!  Her hair looks healthier and thicker now that it's evened out.  Hopefully now it will growwwww.  ;)


  1. I found you!

    The girls are prettier than ever, and I am so envious of their hair...if Zoey's keep growing at its current rate, she won't need haircut til senior prom. Honestly, her 4-month old cousin has more hair than she does at age 2.

    You have a wonderful photographer; the black and white is perfect. Of course, it always help to have photogenic subjects.

    Good to see you again.

  2. I've missed you! Stop by more often! Are you blogging again?