Sunday, September 29, 2013

Columbus Oktoberfest 2013

Columbus has their annual Oktoberfest on the last weekend in September.  Funny, huh?  Kevin was telling me yesterday that it was in September last year.  I swore that it was the first weekend in October, then I looked back at my blog and noticed he was right (it's rare, but it does happen!)

We didn't get the huge beers like last year, but we did each enjoy a Pauliner (him) and a Hofbräu (me).  We enjoyed our beers after taking the girls to the Kinderplatz area

The bouncy houses were a little too overwhelming for me to let them play in.  They are definitely physically big enough, but probably would have been on the younger side of the kids in there.  I just didn't want them to get trampled!

We did let them out of the stroller though to run around!

Kendall checking out the Ohio county map

Kylie.  I don't know what's happening here :)

Kylie with food on her face, and lens flare on her head!
Kendall and a pinecone 
 Kevin had to get a picture of himself next to the Pensylvanian sign :)

Hey girls, smile at Mommy!

Come on, say cheese!


Ok, now you smile...silly girls...

After riding around for  a bit we all got some dinner.  A Bahama Mama, German potato salad and sauerkraut for Kevin from Schmidt's.  Some chicken fingers, sauerkraut and pierogies for the girls (Kendall ate some chicken and her pierogi, Kylie ate some chicken).  And a huge German meal of a grilled chicken sandwich for myself.  LOL.

We literally sat at the table next to the German band and the girls LOVED the music.  We had to have a little dance session afterwards. (Sorry for the blurry pics, low shutter speed)

After dinner, we walked around and looked at the crafts and other fun things.  We saw a show going on at this little stage.  It was a little odd, but the girls enjoyed it.  When we asked them what their favorite part of Oktoberfest was, they said the music and dinner. :)

See ya again next year, Oktoberfest!

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