Sunday, January 6, 2013

I Can't Handle Puke

I have seriously had anxiety over the potential of the girls getting a stomach bug. It seems like all of my FB friends like to post every time their child pukes, and it seems like every kid in the world has had a stomach bug lately. I've known it was just a matter of time.

Friday night I heard Kylie cough occasionally and then cry out. I went in and checked on her and she was fast asleep and didn't notice anything else amiss. I thought she must just have a little cold. When I got up with the girls in the morning, I walked into their room and got hit with the smell of poop. It was unusual, but not completely out of the ordinary. I took them downstairs, and gave Kendall her milk. When I tried to hand Kylie her yogurt pouch she started gagging and coughing. I immediately ran her over to the entryway (off carpet) but she didn't get sick. I knew something was off.

She ended up eating her yogurt and had some water. When I went into their room I looked at her bed and noticed bright yellow stains on her sheets. Uh oh, looks like she got sick overnight. Mom fail. I can't believe I didn't realize that. I felt like an ass.

Although she didn't eat breakfast, she had a decent amount of energy and was running around and playing with Kendall. Around 11 AM she hit a wall. I put her down for an early nap. (She only slept an hour). Once Kylie was up, Kendall went down for a nap. We just laid around, and Kylie sipped on some water. When Kendall woke up, she wanted a fruit packet. Kylie copies everything Kendall does, so she had one too. Bad idea. It all came up when she woke up from her second nap.

I felt so bad. Poor Kylie was miserable. We managed to get a little more water down her when she seemed to be done throwing up. She went down last night without issue, and has been good today. It looks like it passed. Just crossing fingers and toes (and everything else) that Kendall stays ok.

Somehow I've realized I can get past my fear of puke and take care of my kids when they're sick. Kevin is another thing. If he's throwing up...sorry sweetie, you're on your own. I'll be on the couch.

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