Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kendall the First Born

Kendall is a true firstborn/baby A. She has a more laid back personality, is wicked smart (saying 4 word sentences at 20 months old), and is very headstrong. When that girl wants something she will not stop until she gets it.

At daycare she and our daycare providers' daughter have knock down drag outs daily. For example, yesterday morning Kevin dropped the girls off, and Kendall immediately went over and picked up a book. As she was flipping through it, Ari came over and took the book from her. Kendall shoved Ari and took the book back. Ari then shoved Kendall. Rachel (our daycare provider) said this happens all day. Kendall and Ari are so strong willed, and have no problems handling their own 'issues'.

Kylie, on the other hand, is much more submissive. If someone takes something from her, she'll just run to Rachel and cry. Rachel has pointed out that Kendall has no problems running to Kylie's defense and taking care of the issue herself. While I really don't want the girls shoving or hitting, I think it's absolutely adorable that Kendall runs to Kylie's defense.  She is the only one who is allowed to take something from Kylie (which happens a LOT).  No one else is allowed to mess with her sister.

Don't let this plastic bin hat fool you. Mess with my sister? I will cut you!

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