Monday, April 22, 2013

23 Months!

I cannot believe that they are almost two years old. Two! How does this happen so quickly? Before I know it they are going to be off to college. Craziness.

Here are the last monthly updates for their second year!


Did the terrible twos hit early in your house? Because OMG, it has hit this girl like a ton of bricks. My sweet, studious, thoughtful Kendall has turned into a full blown whiney, screamy tantrum-y toddler. Don't get me wrong, we definitely still have good moments, but when the mood strikes, watch out! If one thing doesn't go her way, cover your ears. She has been in timeout more in the past month than the two of them have combined in their first 23 months of life. She gets SO upset if Kylie takes something from her, if she can't have a food item she really wants (more on that in a minute), or if we have to come in from outside. It can be exhausting. But then she does something adorable like sing "Twinkle Twinkle", her ABCs, or "reads" a book, and you forget about the 10 minutes of screaming you just had to endure. Toddlers are an interesting breed, that's for sure!

She loves, loves, loves going outside. I cannot wait for the nice weather to be more consistent. She loves wagon rides, running up and down the "hill", going in her cozy coupe, and going down slides. We don't have a swing set yet, but our neighbors do. She keeps trying to run over to their swing set and yells "Down the slide!"

Rachel thinks that part of the sudden onset of "fussy" also may be due to the fact that she is probably going through a growth spurt. She is a bear to get up in the mornings (literally yelling "No!" when we try to get her out of her crib while curling into a ball and burying herself into the corner). She has been eating pretty well, and has grown about 3/4ths of an inch since the last time I measured them (about 2 months ago).
See - She's still in the 99th percentile:

Quick funny story before I get to my other little bean. I gave the girls dinner last night (pizza and applesauce). Kylie still had a triangle of pizza left, but looked at me and said "I want cupcake, Mom." Kendall looked at me with an excited expression and said "Yes! Cupcake!" I just looked at them and said "Sorry girls, I don't have any cupcakes!" Kendall then proceeded to have a 5 minute scream/cry session. Kylie just looked at Kendall for a minute or two with a shocked expression on her face, and then looked at me and said "Kenall sad. Mom, Kenall sad." I just busted out laughing (which I don't think helped the situation in the slightest).


Kylie on the other had has really turned into the sweetest little girl the past month. She continually cracks me up with the stuff she says. "Why, Mom..why" (her new response to everything.) "Guess what. Mom, guess what!" (I then ask her "What, Ky?" and she just looks at me. I don't think she's quite grasped the idea that you are supposed to actually have something to say following a "Guess what?!?") Funny girl.

She can be quite possessive over people. She doesn't like me to hold Kendall or let her sit on my lap. Rachel said the same thing. She also has turned into quite a "Little Miss Bossy". She will go through phases when she says no to everything Kendall does. For instance, once last week Kendall was saying the alphabet and Kylie said "No ABCs Kenall". Then Kendall was clapping in the car, and Kylie said "No clap Kenall". We're trying to correct that behavior, but it does make me laugh.

Kylie is also our absolute girly girl. She loves sparkly stuff, Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse, and loves to pick out her outfits. I posted a new picture over on the Monthly Pictures page, and I had bought the pink shirt for her (it's a 2T), and the yellow 3T for Kendall. She had to have the yellow and flat out refused the pink. So, her shirt is kinda big, and Kendall's was a little too short. That will teach me to buy two different colors!

She's still eating decently, but is definitely the pickier of the two. She actually has not grown since I measured them last. Still hanging strong at 34.25 inches!

Next monthly update...the big 2!


Kylie <3

This picture just makes me laugh!

Yay!  Cars!

Kevin loved this picture

This one too.  He gave me an A+ on the framing :)

Sisters :)

Doggies getting some much needed exercise!

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