Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Haircut

We were finally able to get Kylie's haircut today.  I was having major heartburn over getting it done, but we did it.  She got a fair amount taken off the back, but it looks so much better (and so much thicker!)  I was shocked that just taking a little off the back could help so much.  Hopefully it will grow in more even now.  I'm a huge fan of little girls with long hair.  I always had super long hair as a kid (and still do!) but I would like them to have long hair (at least) until they tell me otherwise. ;)

We've been talking up a haircut for Kylie for weeks now.  I think this helped HUGE.  She was so excited to go.  When we were called she got to pick her seat (they have different types of chairs, like a firetruck, an airplane, a dog, etc).  She picked the "Clifford" looking dog (of course!)  The hairdresser turned on Strawberry Shortcake for her, and we were good to go.  She sat and just let her cut her hair.  No tears, no whining, no complaining.  It was amazing.  Even the hairdresser was surprised.  (She did get us back by throwing an EPIC tantrum in the car as soon as we got in.  Reason unknown.)  But really, she did great.

Kevin was able to get a few cell phone pics, between chasing Kendall around.  All in all, it was a great experience, and Kylie came through with flying colors.  I was hesitating on getting Kendall's hair cut too since it's so short, but now that I saw how much better Kylie's looks, we may be getting hers done soon!  We got the "Baby's First Haircut" package, which included a lock of hair, a picture and a certificate.  Good times.

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