Friday, May 31, 2013

Nap *Crapshow*

I mentioned in my last post that naps last weekend were a royal $*!# show.  I have no idea what's going on with them (ahem - no paci).  I mean, they're only two, they CANNOT be ready to drop naps yet.  Right?  (PLEASE tell me I'm right...).

We typically try to get them upstairs for naps between 12:30 and 1:00 PM in hopes that they will fall asleep by 1:30.  I usually don't let them sleep past 3:30.  Here's how this weekends' naps went:

Friday - overall ok.  I took them to Rachel's for a few hours in the morning because I had to go into work.  I got them down around 1PM, and they feel asleep around 2:00.  I let them sleep until 3:30 ish.  All was well.  (for some reason it takes them for-EVER to fall asleep these days.  ahem - no pacis)

Saturday  - we had the garage sale and I took the girls into town.  When we got home, I made them lunch and took them upstairs for their nap.  Once we got up there, Kendall started running down the hallway.  I told her that it was nap time, so no more running.  She threw herself on the ground and had an EPIC tantrum.  Screaming, crying, the whole works.  And it didn't stop for at least 30 minutes.  I kept going in to try to calm her (err...make things worse), put her in Kylie's crib (she calmed immediately, and then it was just play time), took her back out of Kylie's crib (more crying), and she eventually passed out. Ugh.  It was horrible.  I cannot stand to hear either of them cry like that.  It was so completely out of character for her too.  She usually goes in without a fight.

Saturday night - they went to bed a bit later than usual since we went out to dinner.  Went down without fuss (I think they were tired!)

Sunday - See Saturday situation + add a little extra freak out.  I went in twice and rocked with her in the rocking chair.  She would calm down, but if I stood up she would start the screamy-cry.  Once she was in the crib, she was ok if I sat next to her, but the moment I stood up she would melt down.  She kept crying and asking to go back to the rocking chair or go back to Kylie's crib.  Meanwhile, Kylie was in her crib watching the whole thing and saying "Ky right here, Ky right here".  She was trying to comfort Kendall, and it was so sweet.    I was at a loss.  We did cry it out with Kendall at about 7.5 months.  I didn't think we'd have to do it over again at 2.  About 5 minutes after I left the room, she passed out.

Sunday night - Kendall flipped AGAIN when trying to put her to bed.  At this point I was beginning to believe that she thought this is what she is supposed to do now.  She kept reaching for me and asking to go into the rocker.  I ended up leaving the room and let Kevin handle it.  He just started taking stuffed animals out of her crib and told her if she didn't stop crying, he was going to take another one.  He took her Mickey, Nemo, and when he tried to take her ladybug pillow pet she just laid on it and stopped.  Then he told her that she could get Nemo back if she was quiet for 5 minutes.  Same for Mickey.  When he left the room she was calm and was happily cuddling her animals.  Who knew husbands could be so smart? (wink, wink).

Monday nap - No screaming or crying from Kendall when putting her down, but they both decided to stay up until 3PM.  Are you kidding??????  Needless to say, they were none to happy when I went to wake them at 3:45.  (Especially Kendall).

After last weekend I was so frustrated.  I don't know why they are pulling all these tricks lately.  What is even MORE confusing about it is they have been FINE for Rachel all week long.  They have been taking 1.5-2 hour naps, and falling asleep (gasp) well before 2PM.  (A few days before 1PM!)  Gah!  What the heck am I doing wrong here????

Tomorrow we have a birthday party, and will be traveling in the car during nap time.  Here's hoping the car will lull them to sleep...

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  1. Came across your blog looking at Disney tips!
    Your girls are so cute, and totally amazed they don't have binkys!