Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Two Year Well Baby

The girls had their two year well baby (child??) checkup today.  They both did really well.  Much better than I expected (for the most part).


Diva with her sippy of milk and puppy sticker
Height: 37.25 inches  99.7 %tile
Weight:  33.2 lbs  97 %tile

Yeah.  She's tall!
Kendall did great at the appointment.  The doctor was impressed that she has so many words, knows her colors, knows her ABCs, and can count and sing.  She didn't like him looking in her ears or mouth, but other than that, she just wanted to walk around the office checking everything out.  We held off on the chicken pox vaccine at their one year appointment, so we ended up getting that today.  The good news is, we have no vaccines (other than flu) until they are 5!  Yay!


This is the true diva

Height:  34.5 inches - 77 %tile
Weight:  29.4 lbs - 75 %tile

Kylie did great as well.  She was more chatty than Kendall, and the doctor definitely took notice.  She DID NOT want to get weighed (completely understand) or measured at all today.  Kevin ended up having to get weighed holding her and without her.  She would not stand on the scale.  They tried laying her down to measure her, and measured her at almost 36" tall.  I knew that couldn't be right because Kendall definitely has more than an inch and a half of height on her, and I measured her myself the other day with our new growth chart.  I ended up being able to trick her into getting measured.  I just brought one of the nurses she's familiar with and sat on the floor while we got her height.  I think she was just getting freaked out by the sheer amount of people looking at her.

The doc was equally as impressed with Kylie's skills.  He gave them both a clean bill of health and gave us some potty training tips and tips to stop Kendall's hitting.

I still can't believe they are two...

LOL at my ability to get a good pic of them together...

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