Monday, October 14, 2013

Potty Training Continued...

In my last post, I said that I didn't want to put too much pressure on Kylie to potty train.  But, I've come to realize that is much easier said than done.  She really is all gung-ho about wearing big girl undies, but actually sitting on the potty?  Not as much.

Friday, I had the day off work.  I planned on running to Target and Old Navy with the girls in the morning.  That got derailed by potty issues.  Between 7:30 and 11:30 AM, Kylie was probably sitting on the potty for three of those hours.  She would get off and say "all done", then be doing the pee-pee dance and start crying that she had to go minutes later.  I finally made her sit until she went.  Finally, after much negotiation and promises of rewards, she went.  We threw a party and headed off to Kroger to get supplies to make a Potty Chart and get her a prize.

Kylie with her "My Little Pony" prize.  (As an, has My Little Pony changed since I was a kid!)

She woke up from nap dry, and didn't sit on the potty much at all in the afternoon.  We had a babysitter come that evening, and I just forewarned her that Kylie hadn't gone since 11:30 that morning.  Well, I guess 15 minutes after we left, she did a #1 and #2 on the potty (Sorry, Jess!)

Saturday, she peed on the potty pretty much on her own when I took Kendall upstairs to change her diaper.  We decided to head out to run the errands I didn't get a chance to the day before.  While we were in "Old Maybe" she started crying and said she had to go potty.  Luckily, I had thrown one of the little potties in the back of my car before we left.   She ended up pooping in the Old Navy parking lot.  Ahh, parenthood.  Lovely, eh?

When we got home it was lunch and nap time, but she was doing the pee-pee dance, so I made her sit on the potty until she went.  40 minutes later we finally had success.  The poor girl was so hungry and tired.  Looking back, I think this is where our successes derailed a bit.   I probably shouldn't have pushed her so hard right then.

We went to the park after nap, and she was doing the pee-pee dance again.  I've also noticed she starts sitting down a lot when she has to go.  Kevin and I kept asking her if she had to go potty, and she kept saying no.  Finally, I looked over while she was on the jungle gym, and saw a stream coming down her leg.  Fortunately, we were 2 minutes from the house, and I had packed an extra pair of shorts and some pull-ups.

Yesterday she would sit on the potty, but didn't go all morning.  We went to the pumpkin patch and could tell she was incredibly uncomfortable the entire time.  She wouldn't go on the potty, but was trying not to go in her pull-up either.  On the way home from the pumpkin patch she was crying and shuffling in the car.  And then she stopped.  "I went, mama".  I was so frustrated yesterday.  I swore that I broke her from making her sit too much or too long. 

Kevin came up with the idea of having Wrinkle (his huge stuffed dog from childhood) pee on the potty.  First of all, Wrinkle requires privacy (aka, so Kevin can "produce" pee for Wrinkle.  In the form of water.) but as soon as he goes, he needs Kylie's help with dumping the potty.   Last night during dinner she was doing the fidgeting and crying thing again.   I sat her on the potty, gave her Kevin's phone, sat Wrinkle next to her, and went back out to clean up after dinner.  When Kevin checked on her a few minutes later he asked " Are you going to pee, Kylie?"  She responded "I already did, Dad!"  And sure enough she did.  She was so excited to get her M&Ms and give Kevin, me, Kendall, and Wrinkle big hugs. 

Today was a bit better.  She peed four times on the potty today (three times at Rachel's, and once at home).  But, she did have two poop accidents.  Yikes!  Today is the first time that has happened.

I'm relived I don't think I ruined her, but I have realized I need to follow her lead, and try to intervene in time to make sure catch her before an accident happens.  Also, I think I need to leave her alone.  She cries sometimes if I leave the bathroom, but I think as long as she has a distraction in with her, and a fluffy friend, it may actually be better.  The saying "A watched pot never boils" may be the truth in this case.  Any potty training toddler tips are always welcome.  Especially because I think Kylie is going to be a piece of cake compared to Kendall.  Lord help me...

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