Thursday, October 10, 2013

Adventures in Potty Training

I've decided to take a pretty "no-pressure" approach to potty training (as in, I haven't really been pushing the issue.  Lazy me!)  But, Kylie has been very interested in wearing "big girl undies" and trying to potty train.  Rachel decided to just roll with it.  This week (and part of last), when she changes her first diaper after the girls arrive in the morning, Kylie gets to wear a pair of undies.  She then sets a timer that goes off every 1/2 hour to 45 minutes, and that's Kylie's reminder to go to the potty.  She's had some accidents, but she has also had a few successes!  She is starting to realize when she has to go, and starts pacing around.  But, once she gets on the potty, she seems to tense up, and doesn't want to let go.  I think she's just stubborn like her mama. ;-)

So, this week I told Kevin we really need to start making an effort when they're home to get them (especially Kylie) on the potty.  She is probably confused since she is so disciplined during the day, but then just gets to go around in a diaper during dinner and before bedtime.  When they got home yesterday, she had pooped, so I changed her diaper and put undies on.  She was all excited about wearing the undies, and couldn't wait to show Kevin when he came in from mowing the lawn.   She did great until right before bed.  I had gotten her on the potty, but I could tell she was distracted and wasn't interested in going.  Since the girls were getting into the bath within minutes I let her off, and went to change the sheets on their beds.  As I was getting the sheet on Kylie's bed, she started crying and said "I peed!"  It was just a little bit, but it still upset her.  I just changed her into another pair, and we got her in the bath minutes later.   (which there was a whole other incident that occurred, but I'll save you those details!)

So, we're definitely getting closer with Kylie.  Kendall's not really that interested, but she did pee on the potty for Kevin yesterday morning.  I'm hoping to have them both potty trained by Christmas, so we'll see.  I'm definitely not going to hold steadfast to that deadline.  I don't want to load the pressure on, but I would like to move on from the land of "diapy's" sooner than later!

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