Monday, October 7, 2013

Anniversary at the Beach

We woke up on September 17th and it was beautiful, but chilly.

After breakfast Grandma and Grandpa kept an eye on the little ladies, and we walked to North Carolina.  Literally. (About a mile down the beach from the house.)

Those trees are in North Carolina!

Those crazy kids!
After our walk on the beach, we got ready and headed down to the beach with the girls.  I changed them into their swimsuits and Kendall was fussing about hers.  She kept pulling on it and crying saying that she wanted it off.  (The girls are modest and don't like anything that doesn't completely cover their bellies.)  I put the Hello Kitty swimsuit back on her, and she was good to go.

 While we were out on the beach, these arrived.  Such a sweet hubby I have....

We got the girls in after some fun time on the beach for lunch and a nap. Kendall was definitely acting a bit out of sorts.   Right before nap she even started crying and saying that her ear hurt, and asked us to kiss it.  Poor girl.  We just wrote it off as her being cranky from lack of sleep.

Once they woke up, she seemed to be a bit better.  We enjoyed some time at the beach house with Ken and Leigh-Anne before they left, and even got to take some pictures out on the beach.  Kevin's parents were gracious enough to watch the girls so we could go out to dinner for our anniversary.

After getting the girls started on some dinner, Kevin and I took off for Broadway at the Beach.  We walked around for a bit and got some dinner at Landry's (one of our favorite restaurants).  The food was good, as usual...but the service was slooooow.  It was no big deal since we weren't in any rush.  But for not being busy, the staff was super pokey!

Our after dinner entertainment included going through a "mirror-maze" (Kevin's idea), and getting some daiquiri's (my idea!)  All in all, it was a great 8th anniversary.  

Cheers to 8 wonderful years!

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