Sunday, October 20, 2013

Two Years + Five Months

I haven't done a monthly growth update in a while.  I actually weighed and measured the girls in the past couple days, so I thought this would be a good opportunity!


This girl is something else!  I measured her yesterday and she is just about 40" tall.  That's SO tall for her age, 99.9 percentile.  She weighs about 35 pounds (also big for her age - 95.9 percentile).  But, for her height, she is in the 56th percentile.  So, overall she's an average weight for her height.
Ever since we have been back from vacation, she has been super picky with what she eats.  She formerly was a member of the clean plate club.  Not anymore.  If she finishes half of a meal, we're doing well.  I know it ebbs and flows though.  There are times when she has just proclaimed "I'm hungry!  Where's the food?!?"  In those exact words.  Too funny.

Kendall has a vivid imagination, and plays well independently.  When I was coaxing Kylie to go potty last week for almost two hours, she was just happily playing away in their playroom.  She also has an amazing memory.  She can sing some songs almost word for word, and has several of her books memorized.  

Kendall is currently wearing mostly 4/4T clothes and a size 6 diaper.  She is not ready to potty train yet.  I'm hoping with the progress Kylie is making she'll become more interested soon.


I also measured Kylie yesterday and she is about 37.5 inches tall (91st percentile).  This is huge considering I measured her about a month ago and she was around 36".  She weighs about 31 pounds (71st percentile for age, but 51st percentile for height).  I guess we just grow them big in the K household!

Kylie has been going through some challenges behaviorally in the past week or so.  She's usually my easy one, but man, has she been a bear lately.  Rachel and I were talking one day last week and she was telling me about a few meltdowns Kylie had that day.  Then it clicked.  GROWTH SPURT!  She's been acting out of sorts, eating a bunch, sleeping well, and complaining about various aches and pains.  (One day, the green polka dot on her shirt was causing her some pain ;))  Yesterday after she woke up from nap she actually told me that "her body hurt".  I asked where and she pointed to her knee.  Bingo.

Potty training has been going very well.  She has gotten #1 down.  She only had one accident this whole weekend, and it was a small #2 accident.  We'll get there, but overall I'm happy.  Every time we went out this past weekend she was wearing underwear.  I know I'm taking a gamble, but there's no other way to learn, right?!?

Kylie also has a huge love for music, and was playing her Dora guitar and singing Katy Perry's "Roar" and Anna Kendrick's "Cups" to her stuffed dog Wrinkle before bed tonight.  It really doesn't get much cuter.

Kylie wears a 3/3T in most clothes, and wears 4T undies (with lots of room to spare).

All in all, I think they are right on track for where they should be!  Each day they get more fun, and I am even more blown away by the things they say.  Never a dull moment, right?

So cute

The fakest smile ever and a scowl


Well, I tried!

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