Tuesday, March 19, 2013

22 Months

Didn't I just post a 21 month update? It sure feels like it! Even though this winter is dragggggggging on, time is still flying! The girls are going to be 2 years old in a few short months. We're going to have two year olds. Whaaat? How is this possible?!?

New things in the last month:

- The girls have been getting along really well lately. It's been so nice. They give each other tons of hugs and kisses, and even hold hands in the car. It's not that they always haven't gotten along, but they used to fight a lot over toys, books, mommy, etc. For the past couple weeks they have been just loving on each other and playing together so well. It is so adorable to watch. Last week they were playing and laughing at each other, and Kylie kept saying "Oh, Kendall!" I almost died from the cuteness. Being an only child myself, it is so intriguing to see siblings interact. Twin siblings at that. Having twins is awesome.

Not the best picture, but you get the idea.  Heart melting...
-Kendall has SUCH a good memory. While reading books, she often remembers what is on the next page and blurts it out before I read it. She also can say the whole alphabet (always skipping "J" and running LMNOP together). She can count to 10, but always seems to forget 4. We'll get there! And as on the video I posted a few days ago, she knows "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". She constantly seeks to amaze us!

-Kylie has gone without a paci at daycare for naps for the past two weeks. Rachel and Bryce (Rachel's son) always make sure she has her blankie and Wolfie or Pegasus (two of Bryce's stuffed animals), and she's good to go. She whined one time, and has been fine ever since. And in all amazement, our paci addict (Kendall) took a nap without one yesterday and today. She didn't cry or fuss and just fell asleep. Rachel said she was really tired, so that may have been part of it. But there is a light at the end of the paci tunnel! They still both cry for them at home (they only get them in their cribs, and hand them to us before they get out). I tried to put them in their cribs for nap on Sunday without them, and it wasn't happening. We did only give Kendall one paci last night and she didn't cry for the other one (she usually has one in her hand and one in her mouth). I think we are going to try in a month to do away with them at home completely. I've read a lot about people poking holes in them, and may try that route if the "cold turkey" approach doesn't work.

-Nothing really new on the potty training front. Kylie still has not gone on the potty, but sits on it fairly often. Kendall went the one time, and has since lost interest. Rachel created sticker charts for both of them, so I'm going to see how the next two months go. If they are not potty trained by this summer, we will probably start really pushing then. Kendall has been waking up consistently from naps and night almost completely dry, so it's a start!

-The girls pickiness is starting to subside a bit, but is definitely still there. We made them meatballs for dinner last night, and they both ate an ok amount before Kylie all of a sudden declared "Yuck. Gross!" and started digging the bite of meatball out of her mouth. If nothing else, it makes us laugh. Kevin made them "green" blueberry pancakes for St. Patty's Day and they both were having none of it. They usually love pancakes, so I'm sure the green was just throwing them off! They have really taken to Coco Wheats and cereal with milk. At least both of those are a good way to get some milk into Kylie (who is nearing month 6 of her milk strike).

-We finally got the girls' feet measured on Saturday (last time we did was in October). Kylie is now a 7 (was a 6), and Kendall is now a 7.5W (was a 6.5W). Ooops. I feel bad for shoving their feet into shoes that are a half to a full size too small! I have a pair of New Balance sneakers and a pair of cute little plaid shoes from Payless for each of them on the way. I love Stride Rite's shoes, but they are so darn expensive. Even with their current BOGO deals, I would have spent about the same for two pairs of shoes from Stride Rite as I did for the four pairs I bought. I'm going to wait to get sandals until May or so.

On Sunday they were having fun on the stairs after dinner, so I had to get my camera out and take 8 bazillion pictures. :)

"Kenall funny"  - Kylie

Sliding down the stairs is the most fun EVER


Love Kylie's face in this one

They're too much!

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