Thursday, March 14, 2013

What I Found Useful - Newborn Stuff

I recently got an email from a friend of mine. Her sister was going to a baby shower for someone who was having twins. She asked me what I found most useful for two little ones.  I thought it would be a great idea to put here too!


We use the monitor every day, and started when the girls were 6 weeks old.  We have the one by Summer Infant. We have two cameras mounted in the girls' room over each crib, and the handheld toggles back and forth between both cameras. Our monitor can handle up to four cameras. We will probably still use this if we decide to separate the girls at some point. (We will use these FOR-EV-ER!)...wink wink... They currently share a room, but once they are out of cribs I am wondering if it may be better to separate them for space reasons. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it!

Diaper Genie

We still use the Diaper Genie. We initially had two (one upstairs and one downstairs), but since they can go up and down by themselves now, we do all diaper changes in their room. The bags are a little expensive, but I believe it contains the odor much better than just a regular trash can.

My Brest Friend Twin Nursing Pillow

Once I figured out how to prop both girls on the pillow myself, this thing was a lifesaver. Kevin would actually joke that it was my security blanket because it went wherever I did! Joking aside, it was essential the first few months. If you are planning on tandem breastfeeding, this is a must!

Medela Pump-In-Style

This was a fantastic pump, and is well worth the money if you are planning on pumping. I personally HATED pumping, but when I had to, this worked great. I would also recommend getting the extra bottles for fridge storage. I unfortunately never made enough to freeze, but I've heard the freezer bags are great too.

Boppy's (or is it Boppies)?!?

The girls STILL love their Boppys. They have been relaxing in them since they were a few days old, and still request them. I found them very useful when bottle feeding when they couldn't hold their bottles yet. I would just set them up on the couch, prop them up on their boppys, sit on the floor in between them and hold each of their bottles up to their mouths. It really was easier than it sounds. And to top it off, they are super comfy. Heck, I even think Kevin and I have fallen asleep on a Boppy occasionally. ;)


This may be more applicable since I had late spring / summer newborns, but they lived in onesies during those first few months. I really didn't dress them in full outfits at all until they started daycare. It was just easier to get up, feed, change diaper, and throw on a onesie for the day. If we left the house, they were always wrapped in a blanket, so no one ever knew they were just wearing onesies. :) Plus, they aren't too expensive. So if they spit up or have a blowout, it's no big deal. My favorite ones were Gerber and Carters. And as much as I loved onesies when they were itty bitties, I found them to be quite cumbersome as they got bigger, and probably stopped buying them when they were around 9 months old.

Double Strollers

We had this one:

I loved it for the beginning months. We had the Graco Snug Ride 35 car seats, and they popped into this stroller so easily.

The stroller was a bit bulky, but we used it a ton. Definitely recommend!  The storage underneath this stroller was fantastic!

Now we have this one:

I really like it for everyday use now. Although we don't use it often (the girls...err Kylie...don't like strollers). It was great to take to Disney, and fits through most doorways and aisles. It seems to be pretty comparable to the Baby Jogger City Mini, but a bit less expensive.

Miracle Blanket

This was seriously the secret to good sleep for the girls. We loved the Fleece Halo swaddles, but the velcro ended up not working as well after a while. Once we found the miracle blanket, it was so much easier to keep them swaddled. We used these until they were about 12 weeks old. They became too long for them at that point. Kylie would kick out of the foot part and wake up. We used Woombies for a while, then stopped swaddling completely at about 4.5 months.

Activity Mat

I loved this one, but there are all kinds out there. This was great though, because even if they spit up on it (or whatever else), it was super easy to just toss in the laundry and hang dry.


This was amazing to have the first month or two. The girls "slept" in it every night, and it was easy for me to just reach in and soothe them, give pacis back, or get them out to nurse without having to get out of bed. The Original attaches to your bed, and has more than enough room for two babies. We ended up moving the girls when they were 6 weeks old or so, but I was grateful to have the co-sleeper for their first weeks.

Last but not least (and most importantly)!!!


Diapering two newborns is quite a task. We used disposables and would go though 16-20 diapers a day. I never knew how much newborns pooped. My goodness! I found that Pampers Swaddlers were the best diaper for us. They seemed to contain blowouts the best, and fit so nicely around their legs and waists. Diapers would definitely be at the top of my list for a registry gift. (or to register for). Our diaper stash from my baby shower lasted us almost my entire maternity leave. It was awesome. Also make sure to register for different sizes. My girls were in NB for about 4 weeks and were in 1's until almost 12 weeks old.

By the way, if you are a twin mom to be, I definitely reccomend joining Amazon Prime.  It's $75 a year and you get free 2 day shipping on many items, and the diaper savings through Amazon Mom is HUGE.  I currently get two 174 count boxes of size 5 Huggies Snug and Dry for $70 a month.  Much cheaper then what I can find Huggies for at BRU or WalMart.

I hope this is helpful for any twin mama to be (or anyone who is looking to shop for a twin mom)!

My baby shower haul.  Sheer awesomeness.

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