Tuesday, November 5, 2013


On Saturday morning we woke up and did our normal ritual.  I went down and let the dogs out, fed them and the cats, got the girls out of bed, changed diapers (and changed Kylie into underwear), and the girls ran into our room to wake up daddy.  We all always sit on our bed and watch a show that the girls select (usually either Curious George or Special Agent Oso) while we enjoy coffee, milk (Kendall) and yogurt (Kylie).  When we were done we all headed downstairs and Kendall stated she had to go "pee on the potty". 

Kylie initially flipped out because Kendall sat on the coveted Minnie potty which she has repeatedly claimed as her own.  I grabbed the (second tier) Princess potty and relocated Kendall.  She put up a fuss for about 2.2 seconds and then got over it.  We left them in there chatting and playing with their "phones"  for a little while.  Finally Kylie called out that she peed.  I went in and Kylie said "Kendall peed too!"  And sure enough, she did.  We threw a party and she got a (ginormous) sticker and a piece of candy.

She went again on Sunday, and once yesterday at Rachel's.  She's progressing slowly, but progressing! 

Kylie closed the door for "privacy"

Then there was this morning.  She woke up fine, and was watching TV on our bed.  She seemed to be in a really good mood.  When we were getting ready to all go downstairs (so I could leave) she started whimpering and said that her butt hurt.  And then asked us to kiss it (LOL!!!).  They always want us to kiss their boo-boos to make them feel better.  Anyway, I asked her if she had to poop and she said yes.  We put her on the potty and she went a little bit.  It wasn't the most solid, but she was happy and earned her piece of candy and sticker.  I then left for work.

After I left, things got a little more interesting.  I guess she started whimpering again and said that her butt and belly hurt.  Again came the requests for Kevin to "kiss it"!  She said that she didn't want breakfast either (which is very odd for her).  Kevin put her back on the potty.  She was in there for  a little while when Kylie went in to check on her.  Kendall came out with her pants around her ankles.  Kylie started yelling "Look, Dad!  Kendall pooped!"  Then, she proceeded to bring the potty out of the bathroom to show him.  And dropped it.  And it was not solid by any means.  O.M.G.  If I was there I probably would have passed out from a panic/germaphobe attack.   

Poor Kevin, bless his heart, managed to get the girls hands washed, walls washed, floor washed, dog paws wiped (with antibacterial wipes), and potty cleaned up.  Poor guy!  These things only happen to him!

I am happy to report that Kendall was much better after her ill-fated trip to the bathroom.  She scarfed down breakfast at lightning speed and there were no more requests to "kiss her butt"!  Fergie said it best...being a parent is G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S.

Kylie's chart

Kendall's chart!

On a positive note, Kylie is pretty much day trained.  She has only had three accidents in the last two weeks.  Two were during nap and one was because playing was more important than going to the potty.  Oh well, she's still doing awesome!  We aren't going to work on night training until they are in toddler beds. (Which I'm not planning on moving to for another couple months.  Cribs for life!!)

Potty training twins...not for the faint of heart.  Or stomach

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