Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekend and Trick or Treat Part Deaux

So, our trick-or-treat was rescheduled for Saturday night because of rain and wind on Thursday.  We got the girls an early dinner, got them dressed up, and took them to the next-door neighbors house...

And then....

Rain.  Whomp whomp
Kevin had an idea of how to keep them dry.  Take them in the wagon!

Sorry...crappy cell pic!
Anyway, the girls had a great time.  They came back shivering, but were excited to break into their candy!  I allowed them one piece when they got back inside.
Checking out their loot

Kendall chose M&Ms (shocker)

Kylie chose Rolo's
Today, I took them outside to try out a zoom lens I rented.  Our burning bushes are in full bloom, and they are GORGEOUS right now.  I'm going to be so sad when they lose their leaves.


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