Tuesday, February 19, 2013

21 Months

For some reason I kept wanting to title this post 19 months old. Then I keep having to remind myself...no...they're 21 months old. Where the heck has the time gone??? Seriously. It's so cliche, but it is passing so quickly. The stuff that they learn and the things that come out of their mouths continues to blow my mind every day.

Rachel (the girls' daycare provider) sang the girls a song about a groundhog right around Groundhog's Day. She was singing it again for them last week, and couldn't remember the words when she got to one part of the song. She stopped for a second and Kendall piped in and finished the line for her. She was stunned! Seriously, you tell that girl something once and she DOES.NOT.FORGET.IT. I told Kevin that we're really going to have to watch what we say to her/promise her. She is going to be one that holds us to something we told her months and months before!

The girls are getting really good with their ABCs. If you start saying the alphabet (or singing, because it really is difficult to not sing the alphabet), Kendall can usually pick up where you drop off. Kendall will say A B C F G on her own. Yesterday, she said A B C F G, Q R S...and then Kylie piped in with "T U V!" It's so funny. Kevin finished the alphabet and Kendall sang "now I know my ABCs..." These two kill me.

When Kevin was taking them to Rachel's yesterday he yawned. Kylie piped up from the backseat and said "Dada tired". Kevin said, "Yep, this is what happens when you get old!" The girls then proceeded to chant "Dada tired, Dada old!" the rest of the way to Rachel's house. LOL.

One thing that I have noticed as they are getting older is that they are getting MUCH pickier when it comes to food. Just a few months ago I would be able to give them pretty much whatever and they would clear their plates. Now it seems like they are turning up their noses to SO many things. Meat has been a big offender lately. Veggies are hit or miss. Cheese is always a winner with Kendall, but Kylie refuses it some of the time (which is especially problematic since she also doesn't drink milk. We have to try and get calcium in her in any way possible. ) Kendall does not like oranges, Kylie loves them. They both have been rejecting chicken nuggets lately (seriously, what toddler doesn't like nuggets???) Rachel actually told me that Kendall refused her entire lunch the other day, which consisted of nuggets, oranges and corn. She just drank her entire sippy of milk and was good. Kylie seems to dislike any pasta (with the exception of mac and cheese and pierogies). She especially regards spaghetti sauce with great disdain. Yogurt, PB&J (or almond butter and jelly), applesauce, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, apples, bananas, pancakes, and waffles are always hits. Everything else seems to fall into the 'eh' category. Some days it's all good. Other days it's "hell no am I eating that!" It's exhausting! Rachel even told me she thought we were going to be the lucky ones who avoided the whole picky toddler phase. Not so much!

Another new thing the girls have started doing in the past month or so is jumping. Kendall was working SO HARD at first, and could not get off the ground for the life of her. After a few days she started getting a bit of air between her feet and the ground, and now can jump really well. It is so adorable. Especially because she always has to yell "JUMP!" while jumping. Jumping in their cribs has also become a new favorite pastime. Sigh...

I have started slowly picking up a few things here and there for the girls to wear this summer. Basically because I don't want to get to April, May, June, and have to go out and spend a bunch of money in one swoop for summer clothes for them. I've noticed lately that 2T shirts are starting to get a bit short on Kendall. They still fit Kylie fine. They both are wearing 2T pants with no issues. They're still cinched in pretty far, but the length is good. I figured that I should probably measure them to get an idea on what sizes I should get them. (Both girls refused to get on the scale, so I really have no idea on weight. Kendall is definitely heavier, but not by a lot.)

Kendall is 36 inches tall. At 21 months. This girl better play volleyball/basketball! She's off the curve for height:

Kylie is 34.25 inches tall. Still definitely much taller than average:

Gee wonder where they get their height from?!?

I did get some pictures of them this past Saturday and will be posting a new one over on the 'Monthly Pictures' tab. It's amazing how much they've grown. Such big girls...

These pictures of Kevin and Kendall are just too sweet....

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