Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Learning and Growing Up

There's something new each day with these two. I've already mentioned how they're starting to learn their ABCs. Well, we found out this weekend that they know how to count too! We were all sitting down to breakfast on Sunday morning, and for some reason Kendall started counting her apple slices. She started saying "One, Two, Three..." then Kylie chimed in with "Four!", then Kendall went "Five!". Kylie then finished off with "Six!" Umm, ok. Guess they can count now! Yeah, they may have been tag-teaming, and six was as far as they got, but I was still really impressed! It amazes me how much their little brains absorb. I knew they could count to three, but six definitely took me by surprise.

Also I got this text from Rachel last week:

Whaaaa??? Kendall isn't even interested in the potty at home, but seems to be very interested at Rachel's. Her daughter (who is a month and a half older) has been using the potty for a little while now, and Kendall seems to want to follow in her footsteps. We definitely need to take advantage of this new found interest and get her on the potty at home more often.

As a funny aside, I got this text from Kevin yesterday morning. I almost died laughing:

It looks like my girls are really starting to grow up. It's definitely something amazing to watch. With all the whining and tantrum throwing we've been witness to lately, I am still so grateful for these two adorably sweet, smart little blondies.



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