Sunday, February 24, 2013

Scare You...

All of a sudden EVERYTHING scares Kylie. A few weeks ago she started crying and got freaked out when the dogs were barking (and they're ALWAYS barking, so I have no idea why this was suddenly scary). Now every time they bark or start running around, she starts crying and saying "Mull scare you!" or "Bono scare you!" (We still have not quite gotten the concept of correct pronoun usage). :)

Last week the girls were eating dinner and Kendall decided to start a screaming match (not uncommon in our house) and instead of joining in like she usually does, Kylie got scared, started crying, and kept saying "Kendall scare you!" Sigh.

Last week we also had a night where she was scared of washing her hands, and was scared of taking a bath. Both things she typically loves doing. She slipped in the bath and has not been the same since. Tonight, I think we figured it out. She is ok if she's sitting in the bath, but once we stand her up, she gets scared she's going to fall, so she starts getting upset. Then she refuses to sit back down.

I feel so bad that she's all of a sudden scared of so many things, but we're walking that fine line between comforting her and trying not to "enable" the fear. I'm just trying to reassure her that we won't let anything hurt her, and that she doesn't have to be scared of "---insert fear here". I just hope that I'm taking the right approach and am really hoping this is just a short lived phase.

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