Thursday, November 29, 2012

18 Month Well Baby

The girls had their 18 month well check this morning.  Same theme as every well check…they’re doing great!  Something that is always good to hear…


Weight:  28lbs 11oz (93 %tile)
Height:  34.75 in (99 %tile)

Kendall is currently wearing mostly 2T clothing, a size 4 diaper, and wears a 6.5W in shoes.  Since she shot up so quickly between 12 & 15 months, we pretty much skipped 18-24 month clothes since they were too short on her.  As we were watching the girls walk around the exam room in just their diapers, I think we agreed it’s probably time to move up a size in diapers.  They currently wear Luvs, but I would love suggestions for cheap/ comparable diapers (or best places to find diapers or coupons!)

She is doing everything she is supposed to be at this point; walking, scribbling, eating with utensils, talking…(they are supposed to have a minimum of 4-6 words now, she has 50+, and is also using 2 word sentences).

The only concerns we have with her is her somewhat frequent (TMI) “squishy” poo, her spitting up all of a sudden, and her strangely strong focus on certain tasks.

The doctor explained that the poo issue is not uncommon, and is something called “diarrhea of toddlerhood”.  Awesome.   I definitely hope this is something they grow out of, and soon!  The doctor was also unconcerned with her focus.  He said it is most likely nothing more than a personality trait that will follow her throughout her life.  For example, the other night she was playing with a box of crayons and kept dumping them out and putting them back in.  This kept her busy for at least 20 minutes, which struck me as strange since Kylie has a tough time staying on one task for 2 minutes!  She also sometimes has issues transitioning from one activity to another.  She gets so “in” to a certain activity that she has a hard time (and sometimes gets mad) jumping to something new.  The doctor said this is all normal.

The only thing he was perplexed by was the random spit up.  When the girls were babies, the doctors classified them as “happy spitters” because they would spit up all the time and be unaffected by it.  For the past month, Kendall will “spit up” a few times a week after drinking water or milk.  It is usually preceded by a burp.  He thinks she may have reflux, but since it isn’t affecting her weight gain, and isn’t painful, there is no need to treat it.  He said she WILL outgrow this.  Hopefully sooner than later.


Weight:  27lbs 7oz (89 %tile)
Height:   33 inches (84 %tile)

Kylie is currently wearing 18-24M or 2T clothing, a size 4 diaper, and wears a 6.0M in shoes.  I have mostly been buying her 2T stuff since she can use the extra length as well.  Some of the pants are too long, but we just cuff them, and she seems to be fine with that.

She is also doing everything she is supposed to be at this point; walking, scribbling, eating with utensils, talking…(like Kendall, she has 50+ words, and is also using 2 word sentences).  Although Kendall started talking first, Kylie has had a huge verbal explosion in the past couple weeks, and actually has more words than Kendall at this point.

The only concern we had with her is her somewhat frequent (TMI again) “squishy” poo, and her lack of milk drinking. 

Again, the “diarrhea of toddlerhood” was discussed, and he isn’t concerned since her weight gain is normal.  She’s definitely slowing down though, considering she’s only gained a pound in three months.  But, she’s still definitely well above average in the weight area!

As far as the milk goes, he isn’t concerned as long as she’s getting enough calcium and fat from yogurt, cheese, and other dairy products.  She has been entertaining the idea of drinking “mulk” lately, and frequently asks for it, but barely takes a few sips.  We’ll get there…eventually!

Funny story:  Kylie loves to show off her belly and then have everyone else show their bellies.  For instance, we'll say "Where's your belly. Kylie?" and she'll pull up her shirt and pat it.  Then she'll point to either Kevin or I and say "Momma" or "Dada"...and wants us to show her our bellies.  It's quite cute.  Well she was showing off her belly in the exam room today and then points to the Pediatrician and said "ehhh!".  I told him "She wants to see your belly".  He was cracking up (and no, he didn't show it!).

When he was walking out the door, both girls yelled "Bye!" and waved at him.  Kylie may have even thrown a kiss.  They have such big personalities.

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