Saturday, November 10, 2012

Best laid plans

So, today we had plans to hit up the sale at Stride Rite first thing this morning and head to the zoo for a few hours in the afternoon.

We got out the door before 9AM, went to Panera, Kohl's, then Stride Rite. The girls were so good. Kylie usually freaks out when her feet get measured, but didn't seem to care this time! We got home, got them lunch, and they went down for a nap. Unfortunately, they didn't go immediately to sleep, so waking them up at 2 was not an option, unless we wanted two pissed off little ladies. We ended up getting out the door and over to the zoo by 3:30.  When we walked up to the gate, we saw that the zoo closed at 4. Whomp whomp... 

We ended up going to a park for a little while, and had a great time. Moral of the story??? Always check schedules before you leave the house, and have a fun backup plan!

Leaving the zoo.  Sigh...
Fun in a field

At least momma likes the swings!

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