Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Paci Nazi

The girls still take pacifiers (at 18 months). After their first birthday, I really started limiting how much they got their pacifiers at home (mostly only for naps, bedtime, and in the car). They also got them when they were sick. After the Disney trip, i cut pacifiers at home completely (except for naps and bedtime). Daycare, unfortunately, was a different story. Although I told them I really wanted to wean them, they had them in about 75% of the time when I would pick them up. It's funny, during their last couple weeks there, Kylie would actually hand me her paci right when I walked in. It was almost like she knew she was not supposed to have it.

Things have gotten better since they moved to a new daycare. She only gives them their pacifiers for naps, and keeps them out of sight the rest of the time. That is the mentality we try to use; "out of sight, out of mind".

This weekend they both handed me their pacifiers when I asked for them after their naps, so we are definitely making progress. But, there are still the cases when they'll find a rogue pacifier under their cribs and flip the 'flip' OUT when you take it. Always a work in progress...

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