Sunday, November 11, 2012

Professional Pictures

Today we had pictures taken for Christmas cards by the same person who took the girls' one year pictures. (Two of which are posted in the banner!). She does amazing work.

Anyway, the girls were not interested AT ALL on getting their pictures taken. She had a rocking horse, candy canes, huge ornaments, and Kendall just clinged to Kevin and I or cried for most of the session. Both girls barely cracked a smile. She was able to get a few pictures, so I hope they turn out ok. Elmo may be making an appearance in our Christmas cards this year!

The worst part is the photographer told us the hardest age to get good pictures is usually around 2 or 3. Sigh...looks like we still have at least another year of "fun" family portraits.

The "best" part was when we got back into the car and Kendall decided to try her candy cane (loved it) and was all smiles. Seriously?!?!

Any tips for keeping little ones happy and engaged during photography sessions are welcome!

Here is Kylie in her cute outfit from today.

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