Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Today = Shot

So, we had today all planned out:

1PM - Leave Work
1:30PM - Get home
2:30PM - Have car packed and ready to go to my parents
3PM - Start signing refinance paperwork
4PM - Leave house with dogs in tow to pick up the girls
4:30PM - Get on the road to my parents
6-6:30 PM - Arrive at parents / feed girls
7:30PM - Put girls to bed / eat dinner / make pies with mom

...sounds perfect, right (and feasible)??

This is what happened:

1PM  -  Leave work
1:40PM - Arrive home
1:45PM - Smash Kevin's Disney mug all over the kitchen floor while unloading dishwasher
2:15PM - Mortgage company calls.  The title company "forgot" our appointment.  Can we re-schedule for 7PM?
2:30PM - Mortgage company calls again.  Oh, no...they didn't forget.  They may be a little late, but they'll be here.
3PM - Kevin leaves to pick girls up
4PM - Because of insane traffic, Kevin finally gets home with the girls (still no word from mortgage co or notary)
4:30PM - Notary calls -  he still has not recieved the paperwork, but will come as soon as he gets it.
4:45PM - Bathe girls and dress in jammies.  We're planning on leaving by 6 (hopefully)
5:10PM - Notary calls - he's on his way
5:45PM - Notary arrives
7:10PM - Notary leaves
7:15PM - Call parents and tell them we're just coming up tomorrow.
7:30PM - Put girls to bed.

UGH!  So much for my perfectly laid plans...

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