Sunday, November 4, 2012

Make Your Own: Diaper Cream

My girls are unfortunately plagued with getting diaper rash all.the.time!  We have tried every diaper cream on the market, and none of them seem to work 'great'.

Kylie got a yeast infection back in August (otherwise known as Sick-gust in our house) and the doctor prescribed a diaper cream consisting of Aquaphor, Maalox, and Anti-Fungal foot cream.  Unfortunately, my insurance company would not pay for the pharmacy to mix this up for me, so the pharmacists gave me the instructions on how to do it myself.  Mix equal parts foot cream and aquaphor together and slowly mix in the Maalox.  (The ratio is 1:1:1).  They also told me that they make diaper cream for rashes not associated with a yeast infection the same way, but just eliminate the foot cream.

Get your Aquaphor and Maalox
Whip air into the Aquaphor and start slowly adding an equal portion of Maalox.  (Below I did 8T Aquaphor to 8T Maalox) - Keep in mind this will get tiring!
This diaper cream works better than any other I have tried for diaper rash!  And it is cheaper as well.  Definite win-win!

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