Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Funny Talkers

The girls have had a word explosion lately! They are saying so many new things every day, and also repeating a lot of what we say.

Kylie loves saying hi and bye to everyone. The other night, after we put her to bed, we heard her saying from her crib "Bye Dida, Bye Momma, Bye Doba (her name for our dog Bono), Bye Mull" (for our other dog Mullen). Yesterday when I picked them up, she yelled "Bye Bryce!" ( to our daycare providers' son). She all of a sudden LOVES saying sissy. She's always pointing to Kendall and yelling "Sissy!"

Kendall doesn't quite have a handle on the 's' sound yet, but said "Hi Ky!" to Kylie this morning. So cute. I can't remember what I said the other day, but she repeated an entire sentence of mine. Kevin and I just looked at each other shocked.

The girls have a plastic whale bath toy and Kylie is always yelling "whhhey-yull". Kendall refers to Goldfish as "Baby" or the other day as "Baby Goal Cra-ka". Too much.

If we were careful about what have been saying around them so far, we need to be EXTRA careful now. Kevin was driving them to daycare the other day and said "These people drive like junk!" All of a sudden, Kendall yelled "Junk!" from the backseat. Uh oh...

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