Monday, November 5, 2012

Grocery Store

The girls absolutely LOVE the grocery store.  They really do.  We've been taking them pretty much every week since they were two weeks old.  The employees at our nearby Kroger Marketplace go nuts everytime we come in with them, and always stop by to visit.

The girls like it too because they get to see the huge display of "nanas", and usually get a slice of american cheese or piece of bread.

We usually take seperate carts, because, well, they get on eachother's nerves after a while.  We went to Giant Eagle last week and they got to ride together.  This worked well about halfway through the store, then it was all over.  Sigh...

I don't know if I trust your driving, Kendall...
I'm a firm believer of not sequestering yourself when you have kids.  We get out often, because how else are they going to learn how to behave in public if we don't take them out?  Yeah, we have our hairy moments, but all in all, we definitely have more good than bad.

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