Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 6 – Ducks and Princesses (Epcot)

We got up on our last full day, and decided we were going to head to Epcot for the day.  None of us had gotten the chance to ride Soarin’, and we had reservations that evening at Akershus, so a day at Epcot made perfect sense.

We got out of the room later than planned, and got over to Epcot right as the girls were starting to get tired (in other words, not so perfect timing…)  We walked around for a bit and grabbed some fastpasses for Soarin’ while trying to get the girls to nap in the stroller.  I ended up walking at least 2 miles (no joke) around the Innoventions Fountains.  Kylie fell asleep pretty easily, but Kendall was stubborn.  Finally she gave up and passed out.

Beginning my trek!


While I was trekking around the fountains, my parents went to go see Captain EO.  When they came out, they were on snooze watch while we rode Spaceship Earth one last time (it’s Kevin’s absolute favorite.)  When we were done on Spaceship Earth, it was time to use our fastpasses for Soarin’.  My parents told us to go ahead while they stayed with the girls (who were still sleeping).  

Soarin’ is one of my favorites.  If you haven’t ridden it before, try to get seated in the first row in Section B.  This gives you the ultimate hang-gliding feeling.  You cannot see anyone else except for the people in your own row.  The first time we rode it, we asked to be seated in that section, but haven’t gotten the chance since then.  When we came out, Kendall was awake and Kylie was still asleep.  It was my parents turn to ride Soarin’.  We made sure to warn my mom (who has a pretty big fear of heights) that she may want to close her eyes during certain parts of the ride. She ended up loving it!

Kylie soon awoke, so we went to the Sunshine Seasons Café to get lunch.  We always have great food there, definitely one of our favorite quick service places!  My parents joined us for a quick bite, and then we were off to the World Showcase.

We went to Mexico first and all rode the Grand Fiesta Tour.  The girls LOVED it.  It was definitely their favorite ride.  They are obsessed with Donald Duck and would point and yell “Duck” each time he would pop up.  It was hilarious.

LOL at this face.

We started walking around the entire World Showcase, saw Donald Duck in Mexico and had to get our picture taken.

We continued on and got a chance to see the band in Morocco (the girls love music, so they were big fans of this).  We also decided to show my parents the Yacht Club and Beach Club hotels, so we went out the back exit of the World Showcase and walked around a bit back there.


Yes, more ducks!

They kept running in and out of the restroom.  It was obviously the most fun ever!

Ahh.  The Kylie face...
Once back in, we went through a couple gift shops, saw the Three Caballeros again, and went to dinner with the Princesses.  It was a lot of fun!  I was a bit apprehensive about it since the girls are so young, but they really enjoyed it.  Kylie surprised me and was actually the one who LOVED the princesses.  It was quite adorable.


Sleeping Beauty


Kylie loved her!

Snow White

Kisses all around!

Mmmm. Dessert
When we were done with dinner, we headed back to the resort to get packed up.  After putting the girls to bed, we all sat around and had a glass of wine, and reflected on a great trip.  We headed to bed a bit earlier since we had to catch the Magical Express at 7AM (ugh) the next morning.

 I’ll do one last post on our travels home and some tips, tricks, and words of advice I learned while travelling with young toddlers.

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