Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 5 – A Way too Early Wake-up, Chef Mickey’s, and a Parade

After our date night the previous evening, the alarm going off at 5:30 was way earlier than I would have preferred. I somehow managed to drag myself out of bed and get into the shower. By a miracle, we all managed to get out the door before 7 AM.  We took a cab over to the Contemporary, instead of taking Disney transportation.  That was one of the best decisions we made.

Here are a few pictures in the entryway of Chef Mickey's

Chef Mickey’s was great. We are lucky that the girls are pretty good in restaurants (for the most part).  Once they get seated with a sippy and some food, they’re good to go.  I just cross my fingers it stays that way.
About 10-15 minutes or so into our meal the characters started coming around.  Kylie liked them from afar, but not so much up close. Kendall was much more agreeable and wanted to meet them all. 

Kendall being shy with Mickey

Kylie blowing kisses!

My mom filled in while I was getting food.  Kendall LOVES Donald!

Minnie kicking me out so she can sit next to the girls!

Kylie was much more interested in her banana!

Um. Adorable.

All in all, the meal was a success.  We decided to head over to the Magic Kingdom to see the opening ceremonies.  When we arrived we realized it was Extra Magic hours that morning, so we wouldn’t get to see opening ceremonies after all.  We were disappointed, but decided to go in anyway.

After visiting the Baby Change station, using the restrooms,and getting some Photopass pictures, we finally started making our way around the park. 

They were so entertained by the ducks!

Daddy and his girls
Little show on Main Street

Kendall LOVED it!
We rode both the Carousel and the Winnie the Pooh ride when the proverbial ‘crap’ hit the fan.  Kylie was over it.  All of it.  She pretty much had a meltdown in the middle of Fantasyland.  She would not walk, would not be carried, and freaked out in the stroller.  She was just D.O.N.E.  As much as I didn’t want to leave at 11 AM, I told Kevin that we needed to get her back for a nap in the room.  She needed a solid few hours of sleep.

My parents stayed at the Magic Kingdom and went over to Epcot and Downtown Disney.  It was their‘night out’ anyway.  We caught a bus back to the resort for lunch and a nap (I think we all actually ended up napping!) 

Cute pic in front of Spaceship Earth!
When the girls woke we went to the pool for a while, which they loved.   After the pool and a bath, we decided to risk it and headed back to the Magic Kingdom for the Main Street Electrical Parade.  We both crossed our fingers and toes (and everything else) that we would not have a re-enactment of that morning.

To our surprise, the girls did really well.  After getting them some dinner we found a decent spot to watch the parade (near the exit).  I was holding Kendall, while Kevin held Kylie.  When Mickey’s float passed us,Kendall was so excited…until it started moving away from us.  Then she got MAD and started crying.  I was trying to stifle a laugh while comforting her.  It was the saddest, but cutest thing.
We got out of the park quickly after the parade was over, and caught a bus right away. The girls ended up getting to bed a little after 9 PM.  Kevin and I vegged out, had dinner, and got prepared for our last full day the next day. be continued...

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